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Happy Endings: Buffy (now Bridget)

Posted Apr 23, 2009 at 9:26 pm in Happy Endings, Latest News

buffyBuffy, fostered by Cora in Arkansas, went home to Nancy Gilbert, of Connecticut, in June of 2008. Buffy’s name is now Bridget and her new family reports in that she is doing well. She likes to play with all her toys and sleep in bed with the Gilberts.

She also likes to play with Santana, her new Jack Russell Terrier sister. They are like bookends, always together.  They eat together, sleep together and play together — you name it, they don’t do anything without the other. The Gilberts also rescued a Toy Fox Terrier from a breeder, so now Bridget has a new playmate, but Santana is still her favorite.

Nancy says, “We also got a doggie door for her. That way, she can go out whenever she feels like it. She is so spoiled that if she doesn’t get her way she whines like a baby until she gets her way, which she sometimes gets. Not always.” Sounds like Bridget is living it up!