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Happy Endings: Izzy Louise and Deanna

Posted Apr 16, 2009 at 10:46 am in Happy Endings, Latest News

deanna-izzy-6months“This is the last plea for ten rat terriers taken from a local Rockport (TX) breeder last week. They will be euthanized if not placed by this Friday because the pound is full to capacity and has to make room,” read the July 2nd email to Rat Terrier ResQ.

This wasn’t the first ResQ had heard of this gang. Emails had been pouring in since June 16th about these scared, unsocialized, anxious Rat Terriers, with ResQ team members desperate to find places for them. It seemed impossible: ResQ foster homes were already teeming with adoptable Rat Terriers all over the country. How could anyone possibly squeeze in any more dogs when they were already at capacity? It was hard not to feel discouraged, but this last email caused ResQ members to bite the bullet and find space where there was none. These dogs were not going to die, not if ResQ had anything to say about it. Cora, an Arkansas foster mom, coordinated the rescue of all the dogs, and a scared, but clowny, little girl named Blythe ended up in ResQ’s New Jersey foster home.

Meanwhile, Deanna was in Brooklyn, NY, rearranging her life to finally make room for a dog. It had been two years since she first started feeling the pangs, and she knew she wanted to adopt a rescued Rat Terrier. Looking at the ResQ website, her eyes landed on Blythe. The dog’s puppy mill history made Deanna a little wary — she was going to be a first time single-dog-parent, after all — but she just couldn’t get over that silly grin of hers. After the application process was complete, Blythe came home with Deanna and was renamed Izzy Louise… and their story has only just begun.

Deanna writes:

“The magic of watching her turn into a real dog has just been incredible. I remember the first morning I had her, she was so scared to even go down the stairs; I had to spend an hour with her going down one at a time. Now, six months later, she bounds down them two at a time, fearless! Izzy’s certainly come a long way from that shy, but curious little girl– that was the thing that always gave me hope for her, that under those fears of hers was an absolutely hilarious little grrl who wanted to learn everything about her world. They say that when you rescue a dog, it’s really the reverse– that the dog rescues you. I couldn’t agree more. We have the best life together!”