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ADOPTED!! Jasmine

Posted Jun 27, 2011 at 6:48 pm in Latest News

CongRATulations to the Sullivan family!

 Hi everyone!  My name is Jasmine.  Sometimes my foster mom calls me Jazzie for short.  I am only a year old, so I have many years of face licking to give and so many belly rubs to receive.  I am 14 pounds and fit perfectly in your lap — not too big and not too small.  I am completely housebroken and alert my family when I need to go out by giving some quick barks.  I am otherwise very quiet and happy laying next to you.  I am also crate-trained, which means I know it is time for you to run your errands and time for me to take a nice nap in my crate.  I am a bit unsure of other dogs, they make a a little bit nervous. I would much rather be with my humans than with other dogs.  My foster family does not have any cats, whatever those are.  My foster family takes me out on walks and I do well on the leash.  I don’t pull or try to break free, I just walk happily next to them.  I love running in the big back yard because it gives me time to stretch out and take in the sun.  Sometimes the cows come out in the back pasture and I like to sniff the air.  My foster mom says I would do best in a home with children over the age of five, only because when I want you to pet me, I give LOVE NIBBLES. I enjoy laying down next to the little girls that live in my foster home.  They play dolls and bang on their instruments, and sometimes they read books to me and I enjoy it all.  I get to lay down in the bed with the human kids when they go to bed. I lay nice and quietly and help them get to sleep.  Once they are asleep, I go to sleep in my crate. My foster mommy doesn’t want me to get overly spoiled, but promised that one day I might get to sleep all night in a bed with someone.  I am a ‘Let’s sit under this big tree shade and watch the butterflies’ type of gal.  Because of this, I think that an all adult household would suit me just fine as well. Laying next to you on the couch as we take in a movie, sitting out back as you drink your coffee and I soak in the sun, curling up together after a long enjoyable day together… what could be better than that?  To see my photo album, click here:

ADOPTED!! Chachi

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CongRATulations to the Reeves family!

Chachi is a little black and white teddy-type rat terrier who we estimate to be about 4-5 years old. He weighs about 15 lbs., stands 12 inches tall, has erect ears and a mostly black head with brown eyes. He has a smooth coat and a tail that he wags with all of his heart and soul. Chachi is housetrained and will alert you with a little whine at the door when he has to potty. He is crate-trained and seems to regard the crate as his safe place when he gets sleepy or anxious (such as during big, bad thunderstorms). This smart boy has quickly picked up “sit” in the few days he’s been at this foster home and waits to be invited up on furniture before he makes himself comfortable. He is very affectionate with adult humans and loves quiet petting and snuggling. He is protective of his humans so he’ll growl a warning at other dogs trying to nudge him out of the prime spot next to you. Chachi would be okay being an only dog, but he does get along with his foster siblings most of the time. Outside he’s a little butt-wiggling ball of energy, interested in anything and everything. He’s a bird and squirrel tracker, he’ll bark fiercely at intruders in your yard, and trots along nicely on a leash. He may be short in stature but he can jump and climb with the best of them. He can easily scale a chain link fence if the mood strikes him to go off exploring. Chachi is tolerant of cats but not very tolerant of children – especially toddlers who might grab at him. So a home with no small children would be best. Enjoy some photos and video of Chachi in all of his handsome glory at this link.

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ADOPTED!! Ghillie

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CongRATulations to the Heltzel family!

 Please meet shy, silly Ghillie, a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix! Ghillie is approximately 2 years old and he’s all legs right now – 14″ tall and about 17 pounds. His foster mom is feeding him such oh-so-good kibble that he’s sure to gain a few more needed pounds. Ghillie is crate trained and is quiet all through the night. He is house trained and gets along with 6 other Ratties in his foster home. He LOVES to ride in cars, is easy to walk on a leash and enjoys meeting new people. His favorite place is in your lap – on his back and belly up in the air for all to see. He sleeps on the bed at night and stays until its time to get up. He has been cat-scanned – he showed interest but no aggression. He would do well with children but may be a bit timid in an extremely loud environment. Ghillie is a sweet boy who needs a loving home with an empty lap waiting just for him. Make sure you see more pictures of this cutie pie!


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CongRATulations to the Boyer family!

Bruno is a happy, healthy, little male rat terrier who was just one year old in March of 2011. He is inquisitive, friendly, and picks things up quickly, but still has quite a bit of puppy energy and excited playfulness. He’s old enough to calm down with gentle petting and fall asleep on your lap or next to you. Bruno has a soft, smooth coat, erect ears, brown eyes, a full 11-inch tail. He stands 13 inches tall at his shoulders and currently weighs about 14 lbs though he needs to gain a maybe 3-4 pounds to fill out his frame (we’re working on that). He quickly learned his new name and the SIT command. He is crate trained and quickly learning his housetraining.  He picked up how to use doggie doors right away and while a little excited on walks, he is learning to walk with his foster brothers and sister on a leash without straining. He is also learning not to jump up on people but still forgets once in a while. He is restless in the car when loose but does well in the crate or restrained in a doggie seatbelt. Bruno is friendly with everyone, including children, but still has a bit of puppy behavior,  so for now he wouldn’t be good playing with very small children. Bruno has been submissive with all four of his foster brothers and sisters, but loves to play so he tries to engage them with play bows and barking. He backs off submissively when other dogs get bossy with him. He doesn’t live with a cat in his foster home, but he does bark at outdoor neighbor cat like he wants them to play.  If you’d like to see more photos (and videos) of this handsome boy in his fosterhome, visit his album: http://imageevent.com/ratterrierresq/bruno