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CongRATulations to the Boyer family!

Bruno is a happy, healthy, little male rat terrier who was just one year old in March of 2011. He is inquisitive, friendly, and picks things up quickly, but still has quite a bit of puppy energy and excited playfulness. He’s old enough to calm down with gentle petting and fall asleep on your lap or next to you. Bruno has a soft, smooth coat, erect ears, brown eyes, a full 11-inch tail. He stands 13 inches tall at his shoulders and currently weighs about 14 lbs though he needs to gain a maybe 3-4 pounds to fill out his frame (we’re working on that). He quickly learned his new name and the SIT command. He is crate trained and quickly learning his housetraining.  He picked up how to use doggie doors right away and while a little excited on walks, he is learning to walk with his foster brothers and sister on a leash without straining. He is also learning not to jump up on people but still forgets once in a while. He is restless in the car when loose but does well in the crate or restrained in a doggie seatbelt. Bruno is friendly with everyone, including children, but still has a bit of puppy behavior,  so for now he wouldn’t be good playing with very small children. Bruno has been submissive with all four of his foster brothers and sisters, but loves to play so he tries to engage them with play bows and barking. He backs off submissively when other dogs get bossy with him. He doesn’t live with a cat in his foster home, but he does bark at outdoor neighbor cat like he wants them to play.  If you’d like to see more photos (and videos) of this handsome boy in his fosterhome, visit his album:

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