ADOPTED!! Bennett

Posted Aug 5, 2011 at 6:53 am in Latest News


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CongRATulations to the Eddins family!

We’d like you to get to know Bennett!  Bennett is being fostered in Wolcott CT, and is a 2 year-old male weighing about 12 pounds.  He is a type B rattie with the short legs. Bennett has those sweet, soulful eyes that will make you melt. He is quite the love bug and enjoys snuggling on the couch and sleeping in bed with you. Bennett loves for you to wrap your arms right around him and hold him all night. This sweetheart is housebroken and crate trained.  He gets along great with other dogs his size, but has not been around larger dogs yet.  He is relaxed around women, but takes a couple of days to get comfortable with men.  He needs to know that men won’t hurt him. We have not cat-scanned him yet but we can  if a prospective home has a resident feline.  He is very gentle, so we assume he would be good with cats. He even plays with a 3-pound chihuahua, and is so good and gentle with her.  Bennett is still a bit mouthy in play with people so we would suggest kids over 6 . He is leash trained but is afraid of busy traffic, he was hit by a car before coming into rescue, so who can blame him!  He was very lucky to only have some cuts and muscle soreness, and has healed well.  He shows his joy at being alive by doing rat runs around the yard of his foster home. If you are looking for dedicated little man in your life , here he is! He will never stop showing his love.

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