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CongRATulations to the Martin family!

Say hello to Bella!  “Bella” is the word for “beautiful” in Italian, and this little girl is just that!  Bella is only about a year and a half old, and weighs close to 18 pounds.  She is an active girl, who really must have a securely fenced backyard to run and play.  And boy, does this girl like to play!  She may play too roughly for a much smaller dog.   Bella would be great in an active family with a lot of kids to play with, and another dog as large as she, or maybe larger, would be perfect.  She is  affectionate, but not a clinging vine.  She is confident and self-assured, and loves to run out the doggie door and hunt for little furry invaders in the back yard.  She spends a lot of time patroling her backyard for birds and squirrels.   Bella is housebroken with a doggie door, but she doesn’t like being crated that much.  She does fine on a leash, but she does pull to make you hurry up!  After all, there’s a lot to see and smell on walking trails.  Bella has a full tail, which she never stops wagging.  She’s a happy girl, who is content to wait in her foster home until her perfect family finds her.   However, due to her prey drive, we believe she would probably not co-exist with a cat, especially if they ran.  We will update her album often, so keep checking for new photos of this happy girl CLICK HERE:

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